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Jandy cartridge filter

By offering the greatest filtration surface area of any pool filter; Cartridge type  fillters keep the pool cleaner. They also save money  on your water bill.

  • Cartridge Filter:

    Your pool will stay crystal clear with a  Cartridge pool  filters  made by Jandy Pool Products. Cartridge type  filters maximize flow of water ( they have the least resistance to water flow. ) These filters offer the greatest "filtration surface area." Cartridge filters reduce water usage compared to other filter types because cleaning other type of filters  requires draining water from the pool to complete the filter cleaning process. 

    cartridge filter

    The benefits of cartridge filters,( particularly today's larger models ) are as follows:

    • Long filter cycles
    • Greater square footage of filtration area
    • Cleaning a cartridge filter consumes less water than the backwashing  requires to clean sand and DE filters

    For a comparison of the 3  types of pool  filters click on the Aqua   link:   aqua

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Jandy cartridge filter

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