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Pool Finishes: Vinyl Pools are Soft to the touch. Many people prefer the soft feeling of Vinyl over aged rough plaster pool finishes. Our interior pool finishes come in a variety of alluring patterns. And as your styles change, so can the designs you choose. With the ease of pattern replacement, your pool will always be easily upgraded. 

Link: Vinyl Pools - Photo Gallery

Advantages of a Vinyl Pool

  • Low initial cost:   Vinyl Liner Pools have the lowest initial cost of any of the three types of inground pools.
  • Customizable shape and size:  There are no limitations of the length, width, and depth of Vinyl Liner Pools.
  • Vinyl liner pools are nonabrasive:   The vinyl liner material is smooth to the touch.
  • Doesn't foster algae: The vinyl material used in vinyl liner pools is also relatively non-porous so it inhibits algae growth.

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