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    Opening and Closing

    Opening and Closing your swimming pool can be a dreadful time for many pool owners.  Call McMillion Pool Company  and we will happily take the load of your shoulders!

    Opening your pool can be a little overwhelming.  Just looking at the dirty, green and bug-infested water can make you want to run the other way.  Pick up the phone and give us a call and we will be happy to do all the dirty work for you.  And we won't stop until the pool is crystal clear. 

    Opening procedures:
    -Removal of pool cover
    -Vacuum pool
    -Balance Water Chemistry
    -Test all pool equipment to ensure everything is working properly
    -Reattach Ladder/Handrails
    -Blow deck around perimeter of pool
    -Storage of pool cover
    -Clean and arrange pool furniture*
    -Clean restrooms (commercial)*

    *Additional Services may be added at an extra cost.
    **Chemicals are not included in the cost of opening your pool.



    Closing / Winter


    Summer is over, fun times splashing around in your swimming pool is over, and now it’s time to close my pool for the winter.  Don't let closing your swimming pool be a stressful one.  Calling McMillion Pool Company can eliminate the hassle and deliver you a piece of mind knowing that your pipes are well protected for the winter season.

    Closing Procedures:

    -Blow pipe lines
    -Plug all jets, skimmer(s), and main drains
    -Add antifreeze to skimmer
    -Balance and add extra chemicals for the winter
    -Cover swimming pool-Clean and store pool furniture*

    *Additional services may be added at an extra cost.

     **Chemicals, plugs, and antifreeze are not included in the cost of closing your pool

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